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As a visionary entrepreneur, compassionate philanthropist, captivating journalist, tenacious human rights activist, astute diplomat, visionary artist, and intrepid adventurer, Rogue fearlessly tackles the most pressing societal challenges, amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and igniting transformative change. Through her masterful storytelling, she weaves vivid narratives that transport audiences into the depths of the human experience, fostering profound empathy and engendering a shared sense of understanding… Read More

About The Collaboration

Looking for 10 Authors for 10 Books!

Join forces with Rogue Ezeilo by collaborating in creating a captivating fiction book, fuelled with creativity, and gain recognition for yourself as an author worldwide. Compete for a spot among 10 outstanding authors. Submit your story ideas and let your dreams of becoming a global author come true with Rogue Ezeilo!


The Specifics:

  • Story Submission Deadline: 16 June 2023.
  • 10 Authors will be Chosen.
  • 10 Books will be Written (One Book per Author).
  • Book Language: English.
  • The author needs to suggest creative and detailed ideas that they think would make a good fiction book. These ideas can be realistic or fantasy orientated. Stories that are discriminatory or pornographic/erotic (or related) will NOT be accepted.
  • Based on the storyline details submitted by the author, Rogue will create a captivating fiction book. The cover design will be designed by Zion Publications, based on the storyline that the author has suggested (author cover design suggestions are welcome). The author will then be able to review the book and book cover before it is released to the public.
  • The author’s name will be displayed with Rogue’s name on the book cover, and also within the book copyright contents.
  • The books will be published as both print and ebook, and sold worldwide.
  • 50% profit of sales goes towards the Author.
  • All authors will receive a reply by the deadline date, stating whether or not their story has been chosen.

Apply Now!

Fill in the form below to send your proposed story details to Rogue.

Multiple applications are allowed if you have more than one story idea for Rogue to consider. Please send a new form for each new story.

Author Details

Tell Us About Your Story Idea

You may select more than 1 Genre.
Is it a contemporary setting, a historical period, or a fictional world? Let us know any specific details about the location or time period.
Please provide their names, ages, backgrounds, and any other relevant details. Additionally, let us know if there are any specific character arcs or relationships you'd like to explore.
These could be friends, family members, mentors, or other individuals who play significant roles in the story.
Please provide a brief summary or outline. If you don't have a specific plot in mind, let us know what the themes or concepts you'd like the story to explore.
This could be related to culture, identity, relationships, or any other topics that are important to you.
This could be individuals or societal challenges that the main character faces in the story.
Is the story lighthearted, dark, humorous, or something else? Additionally, do you have any preferences regarding the writing style? For example: would you like it to be descriptive, fast-paced, or poetic?
You may select more than one target audience.
For Example: It could be specific scenes you have in mind, themes you'd like to explore, or any other details you consider important.