Testimonies: Prophetic Word, Visions, Miracles in Prayer

by Anna De Wet

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Testimonies and miracles in my life; displaying God’s tender love.

This is how I met the Lord and He baptized me with His Spirit. After that, I was in an impossible situation. The Lord sent me a prayer partner, with a prophetic gift, to help me handle my situation. After a year, I was fine and He then turned us into a team to help people who were desperate. We prayed together for 18 years. God said that we must get a book and pen, and write everything down. He sent us wonderful messages. I included some of them in here. My aim is to glorify God and His greatness in this book.


Author: Anna De Wet

Page Count: 150 pages
Language: English

Publisher: Zion Publications

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Printed Book / Soft Cover (Worldwide), Printed Book / Soft Cover (South Africa), Electronic Book (eBook), Amazon Kindle