The Power Of Women


The Power Of Women

by Masauko Sulamoyo


Since time immemorial, some women have frolicked a critical capacity in the advancement of our civilisation. As a matter of fact, some women have wowed us with their buoyancy aptitudes to decode complex problems. In this book, I have strived to look at some illustrious women who have left foot prints on the face of mother nature.

Categorically, this book is also an essential tool for literature as it comprises some technical aspects to infuse the mind of the reader. It is an eye opener book enriched with various figures and other stylistic techniques of the academic arena. It is also spider-webbed melodramatically to entertain the reader.

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Author: Masauko Sulamoyo

Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
Page Count: 174 pages
Language: English

Publisher: Zion Publications