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What is a QR Barcode?

The “QR” in the QR Barcode stands for “Quick Response”. It is a matrix barcode that can be read and scanned with compatible devices such as a smartphone camera or an app.


What are QR Barcodes used for?

With a QR barcode, you can link to an email address, a whatsapp number, a website, an online store, social media profiles/pages, and files such as photos, videos, music, official documents, and more.

A different/new QR Barcode is required when you want to link to more than just one destination.


When do I get it?

Once you have registered for an QR Barcode, you will receive it within 24-48 working hours.

  • *What do you want the QR Barcode to link to?

    *Link to Social Media Page or Profile

    *Link to Video or Video Channel

    *Link to Document to Download

    *Email Address to Link to

    *WhatsApp Number

    *Website Address

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