The Designer Life

by Stacey Speller

About The Book

This book is a must read in these difficult and trying days that we are living in, to encourage and grow our faith in the GOD of the beginning, the now and the end. It is written to create sensitivity within your heart and spirit that will reveal the viciousness of the enemies’ wickedness in robbing you of your destiny, and it will awaken you to the presence and POWER of GOD, so that you are not pulled into the vortex of its destruction, either willingly or unwillingly in JESUS Name!

About The Author

Author: Stacey Speller

Stacey Speller is an international speaker and lifestyle coach. Prior to coaching and speaking, Stacey enjoyed a successful career in both The California Family Law Court and The Texas Criminal Court, where she experienced the broadest spectrum of people and situations. A people-person by nature, it is readily apparent that Stacey is passionate about her coaching and speaking because she has such a heart-felt desire to help people to become their best self. Her monthly e-newsletter inspires and encourages subscribers in over forty American states and 17 countries throughout Europe and Africa. She has been told countless times that she makes the truth so plain, you cannot ignore it.