Ideal Love

by Treasure Kgobokoe

About The Book

The Principle of Love is one of the few Supreme Laws of Life that is meant to be the foundation of all Interpersonal Relations and the Basis of a Guiding Formula for all Love-Relationships, including marriages. Dr. LNT Kgobokoe digs deep into truths that are transformative, challenging you to rethink and reconsider your convictions about your understanding of love. What you thought you knew, concerning issues of love and love relations, will have to be revisited to re-establish the source and authenticity of what informs those.

Dr Kgobokoe challenges you to move from challenge to change. He also encourages you to rethink your perimeters of your potential to change, as he asserts that when you, as an individual, choose and embrace personal transformation, everything around your life, including your love life and marriage, will change and transform for the better.

You are encouraged to read this book with an open mind because, again, you will be challenged to reconsider your convictions about love. If you do, you will be rewarded with rich knowledge and understanding that will enrich your family values, family life, and love relationship, turning your desire for a dream marriage into reality. The lessons, in this book, will land you in a sphere where exceptional relationships are the norm. This is where your greatest pleasure will be derived from being able to say to the love of your live, “My Darling, it’s a pleasure for me to please you.”

About The Author

Author: Treasure Kgobokoe

Dr. LN Treasure Kgobokoe, PhD, is a Teacher, Author, Lecturer, Motivational Teacher, and a Leadership Development Expert. He has written and published other books like The 7 Pillars of Wisdom; Wisdom for Crafting a Lifestyle of Faith; and The Lifestyle of Faith. He is the Founder and President of Excellence Ministries International – an Organization that is focused on Local Church Ministry, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development. Dr. Treasure Kgobokoe is based and lives with his family in the suburbs of Rustenburg, North-West Province of South Africa.