Chillie Runner’s 10k & 5k Race

by Chillie Runners

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Sunday 12 November 2023

Chillie Running Club of Central Gauteng, popularly known as Chillie Runners, are delighted to host their first ever road race in Gauteng. The race has already been approved by ASA’s Central Gauteng Athletics. The race date is Sunday 12 November 2023. The start and the finish of the race will be Riversands Farm Village in the Midrand area north of Johannesburg.

Discounts, t-shirts and cash prizes up for grabs.

The entry fees start at R180 for 250 early birds and 150 of those shall receive a free race t-shirt. The standard entrée fee of R200 shall apply after the early birds. The entries are capped at 2,000 and so it is important to secure yours as early as possible.

Technical race t-shirts will be on offer cost price, branded appropriately, in style, an attribute which Chillie Runners is known for.

There is also prize money for the top runners in the 10km, where the winners (male & female) each walk away with R3,000. The1st & 2nd runner up get R2,000 and R1,000 each, respectively, applicable to both male and female categories.
Chillie Runners are no strangers in the road running, cycling and golf. They are affectionately known as oPelepele and feature in most races nationwide, or even worldwide.

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Swivel Sept 2023

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