Woman Of Hope

by Loretta Rajkumar

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Woman, soil of the earth
Woman, river that flows to the sea
Woman, breath of mankind
Woman, how awesome thou art.
You are more precious than all the jewels of the earth
Yet you doubt your worth.

Woman, sustainer of life
Woman, power and strength of MAN
Woman, you toil the earth
until your heels crack and bleed
into the soil you plant seeds of hope
in the ground of starved rain.
Yet your feet will never rest
Though broken and bruised
Woman, you Rise
to give hope in a desolate land.

Stop Bullying

Bullying isn’t limited to kids. WOMEN bully each other, men bully wives, children bully parents and grandparents. Siblings target the weaker ones. Managers, teachers, and headmasters engage in workplace bullying. With newfound freedom of expression, we must end this scourge – a crucial step forward.

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Swivel Sept 2023


Swivel Sept 2023

by Swivel Magazine

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