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What Is Woodrock Animal Rescue?

Woodrock Animal Rescue is a charity that is dedicated to pro-life animal rescue, assisting homeless, abused, neglected, stray, injured, ill, and geriatric animals who without Woodrock would live miserable lives and premature deaths.

We are proud to share that our sterilisation clinic has been a great success, with over 200 animals sterilized every month. Last year, we also organized a mass sterilization drive in Gauteng with other like-minded shelters such as CLAW, CAUSE FOR PAUSE, and Gideon’s Animal Outreach, which received significant attention and helped us change the face of sterilizations in the region under the auspice of “Let’s Spay SA.”

In addition, we provide medical and food support to 30 other animal charities and run an education leadership program with monthly school outreach. We are also mentoring a new shelter start-up in Lusaka.

At Woodrock Animal Rescue, our ethos is “ACTION NOT WORDS,” and we strongly believe in the power of education with the motto “IF WE KNOW BETTER, WE DO BETTER.” Our success lies in controlling Symmetric, which is the idea of pro-life. We have been in animal welfare for 37 years and have a staff of over 37 caregivers.

In the month of May, we had an amazing 110 adoptions, one of them being the beautiful girl, Diana. She was a victim of the violence against Pitbulls. She had petrol poured on her and was set alight. If Cora Bailey from Claw had not stepped in, she would not have survived. Cora Bailey called us to help with take-ins as they were overwhelmed with numbers.

Woodrock Animal Rescue really enjoys working with associated shelters. We will always step in to help animals. If we have the capacity. Of course, after seeing Diana we stepped in immediately. Diana was rushed to Crowthorne’s vet who took such great care of her. She had her bandages changed daily and her treatment was extremely painful. But Doc Narousha pushed on and Diana showed how strong and determined she was. Diana is all healed physically and emotionally.

Dogs show us the meaning of trust, devotion, and loyalty. She is about 2 years old and even with everything she has been through, she is very social and loves attention, she is very strong and loves a good tug-of-war game. Diana was rehomed with her kennel buddy Jaime. So, they both can live happily ever after.

This is what Woodrock is about.

SMS ‘DOG’ & your name to 41990 to donate R25.


Woodrock Animal Rescue

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