Education Corner: The Parody Of People’s Party

by Masauko Sulamoyo

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Enters the people (Chief, Chief Advisor, Deputy Chief Advisor, Town Monger)
“I am smelling neither a rat nor a hat.Nonetheless, our goal is to conquer the whole globe.
This means, our nuclear plants must sledgehammer,
all but living things terminally.
Since animals are our closest ally,
that is precisely where we are going to do our genesis.
Any supplementary ideas from you fellas?”

Senior Advisor:
“After that, we annihilate the forests.”

Deputy Advisor:
“Then we blast the water masses.”

Town Monger:
“I beg to differ, but I am all but ears.”

Enters the animals
(Lion, Jackal, Hare, Eagle)

“By the lion’s whisker, or from the horse’s mouth,
I have unearthed that people are excogitating
to extinguish us once for all.
How are we going to deal with this rigmarole?”

“How about we approach a dog since she has been
with them for God knows how long!”

“That sounds damn good
but I am afraid that it might not diagramise.
How so, you might ask?
Well, grant me an allowance of Thomas to cast my doubt,
since the dog left us home alone.
She hasn’t bothered to visit us, let alone her cousins.
Conversely, how about I approach my elder sister chicken?
She is jobbing as an alarm that side.
Who knows? She might be the missing jigsaw puzzle.”

“A big NO, you know that her propensity
of looking for a needle in haystack stinks
and I don’t fancy stinking boys in my battalion.
This leaves me choiceless but to play solo.”

“King of the jungle, nice try
but with your roar,
people might discern your coming
and before you know it,
you will be as good as a carcass.”

“Well put,
I might be a trumpet,
even a mere carpet
but I am no doormat.
fair enough
is for me to utter the law of Medes and Persia,
which means the Hare and an Eagle are but going forth.”

Hare and Eagle
(In unison):
“No, no, no, that’s not fair.”

“I am afraid that that case is closed.”

(Off they go)

Enters Chief, Chief Advisor, Deputy Advisor, Town monger and Guests

“They say that in the company of the wise even fools attain wisdom.
That will be history come tomorrow.
Animals have been skullduggering us
and without much ado, they will follow dinosaurs.
Without further ado, on behalf of my team
Permit me though to welcome the guests.”

(Guest joined)

In the silhouette, the Hare and an Eagle were all but ears)
Then at a hurricane speed, they left and educated the animals about the situation:
“According to the situation, we better leave first thing tomorrow morning.”

“NO,” blurted the Lion, “we leave now.
We live together, we die together.
Even a tortoise has to go, slow as she might be.”

(The party at its climax)

People were speechless as they were surrounded by animals
with no room to manoeuvre, they surrendered!

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The Tears Of A Tortoised Poet


The Tears Of A Tortoised Poet

by Masauko Sulamoyo

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Needless to say, the fable of a tortoise and the hare must ring a bell in one’s head. To that degree, this book features that fable poetry-wise. Ideally, the book offers multi-dimensional mechanisms from a perspective of literature that gives food for thought to academicians as well as any person with a nose for poetry.

The book is caricatured with figures of speech and sound devices as well as stylistic techniques and eloquence stamina to stimulate analytical and critical thinking skills in the mind of the reader and an orator.

The book is also innovatively set in a sense that it challenges the reader with mind boggling questions at the end of each poem. However, for sheer poverty of diction, the author has attempted to answer all the questions in a separate manuscript.

Perspective-wise, the purpose of this book is not to entertain the eye, but to actuate analytical and critical thinking in the mind of a reader and an orator.

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Swivel Sept 2023


Swivel Sept 2023

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